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Approved center

Car dealership Didier is an authorized center for car breakdown. We follow a well-defined procedure. Each car is thoroughly washed. Pictures are then taken and a damage description is drawn up. For cars that are not eligible for repair, depollution is important. We then remove all contaminating substances, such as certain fluids and the battery, from the car. Everything is carefully sorted according to legal requirements. Usable parts are recycled so that nothing goes to waste. Each part can be found via its OE number in the stock on the website.

Since 2019, we have been licensed as an EC+ center. This means that we are also allowed to dismantle electric and hybrid cars. In particular, the batteries of these cars are given a second life as spare batteries for computers or mobile charging stations, for example. We are proud to announce that we are the third company in Belgium to have received this license.

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