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About us

Welcome to car dealership Didier. We have specialized in the purchase and sale of damaged cars since 1993. We also offer a wide range of used car parts. After all, a damaged or scrap car often still has a lot of potential. We make the most of it, because your car is our passion.

You can contact us for:

  • Sale of damaged cars
  • Purchase of damaged cars (insurers, experts and private individuals)
  • Sale of used car parts

We have a wide variety of different makes and types of cars. We provide a hassle-free sale or purchase, so you don't have to worry about your damaged car. After all these years, we can perfectly estimate the correct price of your car and guarantee a smooth transaction.

Feel free to look below at the course of car dealership Didier, from its inception to the present.

Thanks to constant growth, it is time for a new warehouse and an expansion of our offices. To be continued!


Youngest daughter Julie joins the family business. Succession is assured!


As the third car dealership in Belgium to receive the EC+ license, we are now allowed to dismantle electric and hybrid vehicles.


We are making work of new offices and a modern studio in a completely renovated facade.


Thanks to a thorough digitization, we will start selling sales auto parts again. Usable parts are coded and given the OE number.


Delphine, Didier's eldest daughter, gets the bug and comes to work in her father's car dealership.


Time goes fast! In 2018, we are already 25 years in business.


Son-in-law Mathieu steps into the business, the beginning of a new generation of business owners.


Celebration! Car dealership Didier exists 10 years and looks to the future with great ambition.


Car dealership Didier anno 2000, by now an established name in the region.


Our second shed is a reality! This offers the possibility to break down and stock car parts as well.


By the end of 1997, construction is already due. Now even the smallest members of the family are coming to lend a hand.


The grounds are being expanded, making way for a new shed, workshop and larger office. From now on we can stock more cars!


Our first agency: small but nice. Didier went on the road to do expert assessments of the cars for purchase, his wife was in charge of sales and administration.


Entry at incorporation


Didier, born and raised with a passion for cars, establishes a car dealership along the Gentseweg in Waregem.


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